Monday, January 12, 2009

Pizza Hut Goes Natural

Pizza Hut is continuing its hidden camera concept with its new all natural pizzas. The hidden camera aspect of the two new spots is toned down from the first Pizza Hut Tuscani commercials we blogged about a few months ago, but the idea is still there. The two new spots and extremely similar to the original Tuscani ads. Essentially the chefs serve their guests all natural pizza, then surprise them with the fact it's made by Pizza Hut.

Overall it seems Pizza Hut is really trying to reinvent themselves with all these new menu choices. While I really don't have any interest in Pizza Hut's pastas—I just don't go to a place like Pizza Hut if I'm in the mood for pasta, but the new all natural pizzas are a definite must try. Whole wheat crust? Fantastic! I haven't actually ordered one yet, but intend to the next time I'm in the mood for pizza. Has anyone tried it? Has anyone tried the Tuscani pasta?


Jessica said...

I'm pretty sick of these commercials. Yes, these people may be surprised that they are eating Pizza Hut, but if Pizza Hut wants us to get out of this that Pizza Hut is great food that everyone likes, I'm not buying into it. Of course if you are sitting in front of the chef and / or on a cooking show, you probably won't act disgusted if you dislike what you were served.

Anonymous said...

FYI- They claim the crust is "mulitgrain" not "whole wheat." There is a big difference between the two. Papa John's offers a 100% whole wheat crust. This is a better option. "Multigrain" doesn't necessarily mean better for you.