Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Addicted to 'Liking'

Have you ever had the urge to 'like' something not on Facebook? A tweet? An email?

'Liking' something has become such an ingrained part of social media and our lives that I find myself looking for a 'like' button constantly. These are usually cases where the content made me smile or seemed well put together and I just want to express kudos to the author. Commenting or replying with a 'Nice job!' seems unnecessary and adding too much clutter to the author's inbox or feed.

Case in point, my boss wrote a thoughtful email to the creative department thanking us for getting our timesheets done in a timely manner and the empathy involved in doing so. It was a nice email. I wanted to 'like' it yet not clutter his inbox—but alas, there's no 'like' button in email!

Prior to the Facebook 'like' button I would have smiled and moved on, but now I want to show some appreciation for each time I read a nice email or tweet without making digital clutter doing it.

Lucky for me, my boss turned his empathy email into a blog post which was then shared on Facebook, so I got to 'like' it after all. Twice.

Have you found yourself addicted to 'liking'?