Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Facebook Edits Whopper Campaign

Facebook, in its own on going campaign for privacy has forced CP+B to edit its Facebook Whopper Sacrifice application to remove the notification feature. In other words, you can now drop those Facebook friends for a Whopper and they'll never be the wiser. I get Facebook's reaction—it's the same privacy reason there's no notification if you remove someone from your friends list normally. Unfortunately, part of the fun part of the application is now lost. I'd find it amusing to get such an email. Or I'd be more inclined to de-friend some of my really close friends just for kicks (and a free Whopper) and then re-friend them in a day—and I'd expect similar retaliation.

Right now the Whopper Sacrifice application is completely, down. AdFreak and Inside Facebook and reporting that Facebook and CP+B are figuring out the best way to modify the application to adhere to Facebook's privacy concerns. Personally, I think they should have sending the message as an option, but not necessarily a requirement. Especially since the application also has an option to send an angry message back to the person who de-friended you. I doubt Facebook would go for that, but maybe. We'll see.

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joshjs said...

Not having the message is awesome. Unsolicited Facebook app messages are kind of annoying. I don't care to hear about which of my friends are turning into vampires, for example. x)