Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Page 143 Challenge

On page 143 of his newest book, a certain social media guru (who will remain nameless for reasons that will quickly become obvious) states that “every single time” somebody mentions his name online, he knows about it: “From newspaper articles to blog posts, from podcasts to bathroom walls (if they have an RSS feed), nothing escapes my vain and watchful eyes.” He goes on to say that “people who are trying to get my attention know very well that it is just a matter of time before I find them and inevitably respond.”

And we don’t doubt it for a second.

Reading those words, however, did get us to thinking: What if we made the challenge a little tougher? Suppose a tiny little blog like ours referenced this internationally recognized authority without ever actually uttering his name or the title of his book. In other words, what if we gave Google Alerts precious little to work with, but still included enough specifics to narrow the list of possible people we’re talking about to just one?

Just how long will it take Mr. _______ to find out about this post and acknowledge its existence? We’re hoping he will eventually. We just don’t know when. Let the blogging games begin.


Anonymous said...

Let's up the ante: If the unnamed author above finds out about this post (and lets us know he did) before Monday, July 14, we'll purchase additional copies of his book for each of our senior-level managers.

--One of Megan's and Christine's co-workers

Bill said...

What do I get if I can identify the co-worker who left the above comment?

Anonymous said...

OK, so apparently it's hard to find this one needle in a 60 million blog haystack. So how should we make it easier for Mr. J______ J_____ to find this post? Adding his name or the title of his book still seems like it would make things too easy. Any suggestions?

--One of Megan's and Christine's co-workers