Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Creative Cooler Blog Update

In keeping with the agency tradition of birthdays and birthday treats, I brought Scotcheroos today to celebrate my birthday. Yes, I am now officially in my late 20s (thanks for reminding me, Christine). I celebrate with the likes of Tom Hanks, OJ Simpson, John Tesh, Jimmy Smits, Donald Rumsfeld, Courtney Love and Fred Savage.

Today is also my last day in the office. As was posted earlier this week, I've gotten hitched and am about to take a month hiatus from work in order to do some traveling, pack up my life and relocate.

In the meantime, the blog will continue in all its glory thanks to Christine. And I'll check in periodically, too. I miss you already.

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Christine said...

Don't you readers worry though—while we will miss Megan's physical presence here in the office after she relocates, Megan is staying on with the agency and will continue to blog from her new home office. You can expect plenty more posts from her!