Monday, June 9, 2008

Cool Flash Site Intro

This Dutch retail site, Hema, has one of the most clever uses of flash I've seen in quite awhile. It's definitely worth checking out.

My only critique is it's hard to get to the rest of the site. Once the flash is over the only link I could find to the rest of the site appears only after you've emailed the flash link to someone else. A bit cocky, no? No matter how cool the flash is, it's not so economically smart to keep your customers from easily accessing the revenue generating portion of your site. If you do want to check out the retail side without emailing this to someone, here's a direct link.


Megan said...

Love it. The use of Flash is so unusual and provides such entertainment, it makes me wish the intro were longer.

And, can I mention, I love the name of their radio: ghettoblaster.

Christine said...

Maybe if Apple had named the Apple Hi-Fi 'Apple Ghettoblaster' instead, it would have sold better... ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice spelling of the word "it's" throughout.