Monday, May 17, 2010

Creative Job Hunting

Closer to the beginning of the recession, we blogged about a local guy putting up a billboard off of a busy freeway advertising how he needs a job. It was bold and unique enough to get a decent amount of PR from the local news and radio stations.

Alec Brownstein, a copywriter in New York, completely outdid that idea. He used Google advertising to target some of the best creative directors in the city. Check it out:

(via Direct Daily)


Jamey Stegmaier said...

That is really, really clever. I'm sure everyone and their mother is going to try that now.

caroline said...

This is very good, but he doesn't say how he got the guys to google their names. Do the people in top positions do this regularly I wonder, did the guy tip them off, or was he just patient?

Christine said...

My guess is he knows or assumes that Creative Directors of that caliber Google themselves regularly. It wouldn't surprise me—they are probably in the industry news a decent amount and I'd be surprised if they didn't keep tabs on it. Although it probably wouldn't work if they were just using Google Alerts.

There's also the ego factor. Big name Creative Directors=big egos=frequent self Googling :)