Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey everyone! This guy needs a job!

Most of us using wildly popular social media tools such as Twitter and LinkedIn have been trying to figure out how to "brand" ourselves so that our abilities and experience speak for us if, say, a potential client or employer is out there searching for us. Mark Heuer, however, has taken personal advertising to a new level.

This news blurb from Digital Signage has us reading the full article about Heuer and his plan to land a job by putting his face on a billboard in busy Milwaukee. The billboard directs to Heuer's resume, posted on his Web site: the easily remembered

I haven't read his entire resume, but I hope someone proofed that thing! That'd be a colossal error at a potential 60,000 visitors a day! Best of luck to Mark.

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Mark Gale said...

I think it's a great example of how online and offline work together. Think about it, a jillion more people have seen this online than along the highway.