Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chef Boyardee Spot is Obviously Delicious

While my blog partner continues her thoughtful discussions and critiques, I'll do my best to add lighthearted posts like this:

Love the new Chef Boyardee commercial. Parents everywhere can relate to this scenario. Watch closely--the mother's facial expressions are perfectly executed. When I first saw this spot a few days ago, I literally LOL-ed.

While I love the spot, it doesn't make me want to buy the product. And just because it contains a full serving of vegetables, I don't feel it's necessarily "nutritious" as the tagline would have you think. Next time I'm at the store, maybe I'll have a look to let you know just how nutritious it is.

P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day! 'Boyardee' could be Irish, no? :)

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Christine said...

I enjoyed this commercial too. It hits the just the right chord (even for someone without kids). It reminded me of when my mom used to hide broccoli in her lasagna to get my brother to eat it. It worked too—at least until I spilled the beans...