Tuesday, March 10, 2009

C-O-M-C-A-S-T Dreams Big with Comcast Town

You've all seen the Comcast spots by now: an illustrated world of part animation, part real life, all imagination. And they've got print ads to match.

You can move into Comcast Town, the virtual world of imagination Comcast has created, and get in on the fun. They also have four of their TV spots (with lyrics) posted at the site. Adfreak has a review of this as well, and a bunch of new Comcast spots posted here. It seems to be getting good reviews.

I have to admit, the spots definitely entertain. The music is oh-so-catchy (think Juno soundtrack) and the graphics don't fail to hold attention. However, all of this has very-late-in-the-game Second Life feel to it. Maybe it's just me. I won't be moving to Comcast Town anytime soon. But I'm slightly curious about the "prize-loaded design contest" they mention on the Web site. And I will continue to hum along with the tune they've now got stuck in my head.


Christine said...

I haven't actually seen those commercials, but I like them. The music is very Juno, which I also like, but I know I've heard almost identical music on another non-Comcast spot recently, I just can't think what it is.

As far as the website goes, I was a little disapointed. I went, created an account and played around a bit. You can create your own 'room' which is kind of fun (or maybe that's just because I like to decorate) and they have a few cool items you can put in your room. It's nothing special though and it works with fake money so eventually you run out and need to make more. How do you make more? Invite your friends of course! Sorry, the site's not cool enough for that.

I was also disappointed that you really just get to hang out in the room you design (or another user's room). There's no walking around town or anything although the into copy states that will be available in the coming weeks. My question is, why isn't it available now? The site's simply not interesting enough right now for me to hang around for a few weeks. I'm not sure I understand the point in waiting—you can't build a community when there's nothing to do in the community.

One kind of fun thing is that you can 'watch TV' (aka it redirects you to hulu) which is kind of a cute idea, but no one is ever going to realistically use it.

Overall, the campaign has some cute commercials and great illustration and design, but the web component falls far short of where it seems to want to go. I can't see anyone spending any real time on the site or Facebook connecting with it at all. I also didn't see anything about a prize-loaded design contest. Then again, maybe when they get more stuff on it in the coming weeks, as promised, the site will start to have the depth it needs to succeed.

Solucius said...

I am also disappointed with the fact that you cant explore the town you see in the opening presentation and that you're just a prisoner in your own room.

It could also do with some instructions just to let you know what the hell is going on.

I'm Bored already with it after 15 minutes and I will not be inviting friends or recommending it unless they open it up beyond this world of being stuck in single room (feels like being in a virtual jail)

- Solucius