Monday, May 3, 2010

Fully Acknowledging the Scam Ad

I've written before about the annoying, yet common practice among ad agencies of running ads just for the sake of making them award show eligible. If you're in the business, you've seen it done. Perhaps the agency even footed the bill, because winning those awards give the agencies and the creatives something to brag about. 

10 advertising was looking for a Creative Director and figured some of the best creative directors are those chosen to judge awards shows. So how do you get them to know you're looking? Better yet, how do you get them interested in working for you? By showing how creative your agency can be. That's exactly what 10 advertising did when they created a tiny little ad that ran in the cheapest magazine just so they could enter it in the CCB awards and get their message out to all the judges. Which, just in case they missed the point, is fully explained in their award show entry (below).

Clever, very clever.

(via Direct Daily)

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