Friday, May 21, 2010

All of LOST in 140 Characters or Less

If you've ever watched Lost or even heard about Lost, you know it's a twisted, complicated show that's captured millions of viewers—and it's ending on Sunday. The Atlantic is running a fun little competition asking people to tweet a summary of the whole show within Twitter's infamous 140 character limit. That's a bit of a challenge. I think it'd be difficult to summarize a single episode in that little space. The prize is simply a year subscription to The Atlantic magazine, but the real draw is the challenge of it.

Want to participate? Tag your tweet with #Lost140 or you can comment on their website. Here are a few of my favorites:

 David Lynch is finally given full writing, editing and directing control of Gilligan's Island. #Lost140 (@jpallan)

Disproportionate number of good-looking people on same plane. Crash. More good-looking people show up. Things go badly. Wonder why. #Lost140  (@VickyPaige)

Good vs. Evil, for all the magnets. #lost140 (@evanhr)

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