Monday, March 31, 2008

Rolling Rock's Latest Move--Moonvertising

Rolling Rock's newest TV campaign is about their quest to laser beam the Rolling Rock logo onto the moon. Watch two of the spots here:

Apparently, some people are gullible enough to believe moonvertising is real. Someone asked the question at Yahoo! Answers, and there's a post about it on

While the concept is definitely attention-getting, I wouldn't ever think that something like this was more than a spoof. However, I didn't realize that Coca-Cola had this same idea for moonvertising in 1999--and might have actually gone through with it, if the FAA hadn't stopped them in their laser tracks. For more information about Rolling Rock's attempt at moonvertising, has a nice comprehensive post with more details.

I thought it might be interesting to note Rolling Rock has had other fun marketing ideas to promote their product. They can be seen on the faux blog on Rolling Rock's Web site.
(NOTE: You must be of legal age to consume the link here. Please enjoy it responsibly.)

Attention gullible readers: It's safe to bet Ron Stablehorn is a fictional character.


Megan said...

I posted a shout-out to our Creative Cooler readers on See if you can find the message!

Christine said...

Wow, so it would actually be possible for them to project their logo on the moon—if it weren't for the FAA. Rolling Rock essentially stole Coke's idea and made a great campaign out of parodying it. In the words of another beer company—Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I hope they weren't doing any moonvertising during earth hour.

Dave Thomas said...

Looks like biologist P. Z. Myers has crashed the "Moonvertising" billboard on the south end of Albuquerque, NM.


Blogger said...

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