Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Movie and a Makeover for Men?

Last night I turned on the tv to find myself in the middle of the Thomas Crown Affair on the Spike Network (tv's male answer to WE). It had been awhile since I'd seen the movie and who doesn't like to rewatch that business man in a bowler hat scene? I left it on Spike.

Coming back from the first commercial break, I was slightly taken aback by an attractive male host explaining the subtle differences in tuxedos on the mannequins next to him. It appeared to be a sort of male version of Movie and a Makeover. I mean, I guess the topic was appropriate given Piece Brosnan and his Thomas Crown character, but are guys really going to watch this? The Thomas Crown Affair—probably, the lessons on tuxedo dressing—I'm going to guess not. Any guys out there reading this, feel free to correct me. The show just seemed to be missing the mark. As much as I want a guy who can dress well, tuxedo and all, I think they might have done better focusing on some of Crown's cool stunts—like that winged glider thing they ride in.
Well if I'm wrong and there are many men out there dying to learn the finer points on tuxedo dressing, here are a few things I remember:
There are different kinds of lapels, velvet can be cool—ooh...
Skip the cummerbund and go for the vest (a cummerbund screams rental)
Tuxedos have no belt loops (hello suspenders!)
If you skip the bowtie, regular ties have varying widths—and something about pairing the width with your face shape?
Dress scarves are not for warmth

Don't you feel smarter? Tune in next week for some Clint Eastwood and lessons on Scotch...

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