Monday, February 2, 2009

Were The Super Bowl Ads Super?

I've heard people go both ways on this year's lot of Super Bowl ads. Personally, I think many of them were trying too hard, and which of the 'trying to be funny' ads were actually funny seems to vary person to person. There were a few, however, that seemed to stand out a cut above the rest of the rest and a few that fell flat no matter who was viewing them.

The Winners
I'm usually a sucker for funny spots, but this year Coke's charming Heist spot took the cake. It was wonderfully executed with great art direction who's Peter and the Wolf soundtrack charmed me on the spot.

My next two favorites were the Alec Baldwin Huluwood and Pedigree's Crazy Pets, even though the latter probably falls into the 'trying too hard' category.

Other favorites included the USA Characters spot, and while it's over a year old, I still love GE's Capture the Wind Ecomagination spot.

The Losers
There are always a few spots that make you cringe (or yawn). MacGruber is by far the most cringe-worthy in my book. When I saw the first few seconds I was actually excited for a McGyver spoof, but it was so inconceivably bad, I can't imagine anyone out there actually liking this spot. Seriously. went their typical route with big breasted women, which makes it the most yawn-worthy. Okay, their spots may have been amusing the first year, clever when they couldn't get their spot aired the next, but now it's just boring. We've seen the same ad over and over again—get a new concept already, I'm bored.

Finally, Bud's Clydesdale spots were cute but only okay, while their Drinkability spots just make me want to drink anything but a Bud Light. Probably not the reaction they're going for. This is more of a beef with the whole Drinkability campaign than their Super Bowl spot, but really? Are you trying to promote that your product tastes more like water than beer?

What do you think? Are there some favorites out there that I missed?


Jessica said...

I'm sure those that still find SNL funny found MacGruber a great commercial. As dumb and annoying as it was though, I found myself singing "MacGruber" for a good twenty minutes after it aired, only to annoy those around me.

Christine said...

I haven't watched SNL in ages (except briefly to watch Tina Fey play Sarah Palin) so I completely missed the SNL reference until I read about it on. AdPulp—who apparently loved it. To each his own I guess.

Megan said...

Believe it or not, I didn't get to watch many ads (or the game, for that matter). I was busy playing hostess during our Super Bowl party. BUT, when I have time later to review them, I'll let you know my thoughts!

Jessica said...

I think I just found the fans of MacGruber. I'm eavesdropping on 3 guys now recalling the ad and just laughing it up.
They proceeded to recall a few others (Doritos & the different beer ads) and laugh hysterically.

Christine said...

Hmm... the Doritos ones were such cheap humor. Been there, done that, can't you come up with something new? was my reaction to those. Same with the Bud spots.

Jessica said...

Agreed. Some of the spots are so predictable!

Megan said...

I enjoyed the Bridgestone spots. And I also liked CareerBuilder's and Monster's. But honestly, who's hiring these days? (Besides the military?)

None were real standouts, though.

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