Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sprite Goes Old With New Logo

Via Brand New, my favorite source for the latest logo redesigns, Sprite is the latest in the soft drink industry to revamp their logo. I'm pretty much always against starbursts, but I agree with Brand New's assessment of the interaction of the letters with the lemon-lime illustration and the starburst offers an opportune way to split the lemon-lime. I still don't particularly like it, but a little further research showed that starburst actually appears to be a kind of retro update.

Check out that old startburst! Overall, I don't mind the new one, though if they were going to go the retro route, I wish they would have taken it a step further so the new logo had a retro feel beyond the starburst. The starburst element alone doesn't feel retro without the comparison and I would love to see them resurrect some of that funky old type.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think the old logo is so much cooler!

Anonymous said...

I think they had more a fans with the old logo, they made a disgrace of the original logo it has been around for years!

Mary Katherine said...

All of my friend at school which is 63 kids like the old logo better

JuRo said...

I never knew how cool the old logo was. They should have just revived that. The kids would love it, and that's their demo. The parents would appreciate the nostalgia.