Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kotex Australia Keeps Its Beaver, Despite Consumer Controversy

According to Adage Kotex Australia has announced plans to keep a contoversial animated beaver character despite numerous consumer complaints. A beaver? Yes, apparently its a popular private part nickname for women in Australia (who knew?) and a clear enough reference that some people are up in arms about the 'inappropriate' nature of the ad. Kotex, however, has said that the ad increased sales regardless of the complaints so they're keeping the beaver for another year. It makes me wonder how Motrin's sales are these days...

And no, this odd ad won't be extending outside of Australia, which is fine by me since I don't think most Americans would have understood the beaver reference in the slightest. It must be an Australian thing.

The difference between the company reactions is interesting to note, especially since Motrin is now getting some criticism for succumbing to the vocal minority.


Megan said...

At least it's a cute beaver.

Anonymous said...

this is a fairly common euphemism in the U.S. as well.

i don't think that ad would play here though.

Jessica said...

Yes, it is fairly common here, but let's think of who uses that term. Men.

I don't know one female that uses that word to describe a part of her body.