Monday, November 17, 2008

Does British Airways Sink or Float with new Terminal 5 Ad?

London Heathrow has just opened its brand-spanking-new Terminal 5. It promises to get you through check-in and security within minutes, tempts with six lounges that include a spa and a cinema, and features a state-of-the-art baggage claim system. Flying through Terminal 5 actually sounds, well, enjoyable.

I saw the new TV spot for Terminal 5 this weekend. The spot is beautiful. I really do like it. But besides being a beautiful ad, it doesn't have much meaning. Now that I've visited the Web site the spot makes a bit more sense, but the ad on its own doesn't convey any of the wonderful features that are supposed to make the new Terminal 5 better than the rest.

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Christine said...

I definitely did get that from the commercial either. I like it, it's beautifully done, but doesn't even hint that there are all these amenities in the terminal and that I can read up on them at the website. It needs some sort of tease or call to action to make it successful.