Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Super Mario Brothers Symphony?

I heard a commercial on the radio the other day and at first, I thought I'd misheard it. It seemed to be promoting some sort of expo featuring songs from classic video games. What? Sounds lame. I proceeded to lump it into the same part of my brain where I remember booming announcements for boat expos and wedding shows and continued on my drive home.

The next day on my drive into work, I hear the DJs on my morning show giving away tickets to something called Video Games Live. Apparently the same show that I'd heard the ad for the night before. It's actually a concert featuring songs from retro video games played by an orchestra. Now I like a game of Pacman as much as the next person and the soundtrack to classic Super Mario Brothers does make me nostalgic for the first generation Nintendo, but and entire concert devoted to the music? Apparently this concert is a big thing—traveling all over the world and selling out. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

When I was finally able to type my name in as the 10th highest scorer on the Ms. Pac Man machine at Jake's Pizza in Glendale Heights, Illinois, I was always intrigued by the name listed at number one: Wolfgang M. This explains everything.

Megan said...

How many quarters did that take you?

Anonymous said...

However many I could find on the floor of my fire-engine-red 1973 Ford Torino station wagon.