Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is it a successful ad?

So after a tiring weekend out of town, I settled on my couch Sunday night for a little R&R. With the writer's strike affecting almost all shows, the pickings were slim and I sat channel flipping between 3 different movies while tackling a crossword puzzle. Then a commercial came on that struck my attention. It was entirely silent with text scrolling down the screen. View it below:

My reaction? The lack of audio sucked me into reading the script, but I wouldn't have ever remembered it as a Converse ad had I not been making a mental note to potentially blog about it. The text in the ad did strike a chord however. It made me turn off the TV, finish my crossword puzzle and open a book.

So was it successful because it inspired me to take action and turn off the TV? Even though it in no way inspired me to wear Converse, barely even reminded me it was for Converse, and essentially got me to turn away from the portal that brought me the ad in the first place? Or is it successful just because it was memorable enough to be blogged about?

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VBuberalles said...

I think it works well. Even though it encourages the viewer to shun the delivery vehicle, no one buys a pair of Converse because they're good TV-watching shoes.
--Ed the Electrician