Friday, August 1, 2008

SPECIAL FEATURE: Interview with FontStruct - Part II

Interview with FontStruct - Part II

CC: Do you expect FontStruct to expand beyond modular fonts?

RM: Probably not. FontStruct is a modular font building application, and it's limited nature is closely linked to its success. There's already a faction within the community who complain when we add new bricks (building blocks) to the system. So some people want less, even when admittedly most are screaming for more.

CC: Is FontStruct working to drive people to FontShop?

SC: It certainly is. The little commercial type teasers on each page are just a small part of how FontStruct is working for FontShop. We have found that creating creative tools like this does wonders for our company's image, which has always been rooted in our dedication to the creative community. FontStruct is a confirmation of FontShop's place as a leader in the design world, not just another font seller.

CC: What is your all-time favorite font? Favorite FontStruct font?

RM: I am truly and constantly amazed when I see what people are creating with FontStruct—at how much time they invest in it and their ingenuity and skill. A couple of personal favorites are Queen Mab by Bent Hamm ( and Origamistic by deshzx (

SC: My favorite typeface changes every week, but currently it's the recently launched FF Tisa by our house brand FontFont.

My favorite FontStruction is also constantly changing as new, great stuff is created almost daily. I am really impressed with Gene Buban's (geneus1) work which is always very complex and often takes on the theme of a current movie release:

I am also impressed with the FontStructions by Anton Terekhov who has managed to create some very functional, legible typefaces despite FontStruct's modular format. The latest of which is his Skipper series:

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