Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Ads

It's Monday after the Super Bowl, so you know what everyone's talking about. They're not talking about the Giants' thrilling upset. Or the lovely lavendar tie Joe Buck was wearing. They're talking about the ads, of course. The last figure I saw was something like $2.7 million for a 30-second spot during the Big Game. Yikes.

It seems like everyone's intrigued by the new ads that debut during the Super Bowl. Why is that? Every other day of the year, advertising annoys and disrupts and intrudes the average layman. For some reason though, commercial breaks during the Super Bowl are just as interesting--if not more so--than the game itself.

I'm not going to analyze every single ad from last night, but I would like to highlight my favorites. I invite you to weigh in with your opinions, too.

The Tide talking stain was my favorite of the night. They have a pretty cool Web site where they offer a talking stain ringtone and invite people to spoof their spot.

I liked the FedEx carrier pigeons as well:

I didn't like the dancing lizards. Or the talking baby. Bor-ring. And was it just me, or were there a lot more movie trailer commercials than usual?


Christine said...

I agree. I thought the talking stain was brilliant. I also liked the carrier pigeons, but I must have missed that one during the game. I did like the baby one though—clowns are creepy! The spot that sparked discussion at my superbowl party was the Planter's Unibrow. It caught everyone's attention better than any other spot, but also managed to make the actual nuts seem revolting.

Megan said...

OK. Clowns ARE creepy. We all know that. That line got the tiniest of smirks out of me. But come on--a talking baby? It's been done. I can't think of any situation in which a talking baby would be a successful execution.

Christine said...

True true. Talking babies have definitely been done before.

On another note though, I also really liked the giant balloons coke commercial. Go Charlie Brown!

Anonymous said...

The giant balloons Coke ad was my favorite. I have a childhood soft spot for Lucy and Charlie's gang.

Anonymous #2

Anonymous said...

I liked the balloons, but it seemed to build too slowly. It will wear very well, though.

The talking stain ad is great. It also won't get tired. And it can be extended easily (as the web site is already proving).

Clowns are creepy, but mimes are worse.

--Anonymous the First