Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Lexus Ad: Somet ing to Write ome About?

Here's an interesting article from Slate about a new campaign from Lexus. Apparently Lexus has a line of hybrids (who knew?) that they're now trying to reinvent. I hadn't seen this spot. I like it (maybe because I love Wheel of Fortune), but I agree with many of the author's points. I'm interested to see how they'll extend the campaign.

Have a look at the spot yourself:

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Christine said...

I like the spot. It caught my eye the first time I saw it and made me chuckle a little. I was surprised to learn that this wasn't a launch spot for Lexus hybrids. I assumed it was a new product, but I don't think that the author's right in faulting Lexus for producing such a 'grandiose' spot for a product that's already in existence since most people, myself included, were clueless about the product. Clearly, we needed such a spot to recognize the new products.

I agree Lexus will have to play it smart to really own the 'h' and keep it, but I think they've got a great start.