Monday, May 4, 2009

Chipotle Does Logo Redesign Right

Chipotle recently rolled out a new logo and while it didn't get the greatest review from
Brand New, I'm digging it. I do agree with their comments, mainly critiques on the new font and pepper illustration, but think the new logo is a big success anyway.

One of Brand New's comments is that the new font doesn't represent industrial feel of the Chipotle restaurant interior as well as the old, Bank Gothic font. The new font is friendlier, and I do like it in the horizontal versions of the logo, but on the medallion, Bank Gothic was working well and didn't really need the change.

On the other hand, the pepper illustration is a vast improvement. Brand New commented that it's too close to clip art to work well, I disagree. It's basic design is a little cliche, but the design itself is both aesthetically pleasing, quickly and easily to read and understand even small or at a distance. The old illustration, while closer to a real pepper's shape, looks far too blob-like to function well in a logo. There are few other illustrations that go with the new pepper that are very nice as well.

The color swap is also a nice touch. While subtle, softening up the black to a dark red and swapping the dark and medium tones in the logo really work. The dark red behind the pepper makes it pop even more.

What do you think?


joshjs said...

I think the new design is *incredibly* cliche. Especially the pepper.

But the old one was worse, I guess.

Sarah said...

I think the new design is definitely an improvement from the last logo. However, I'm tired of the medallion logo of all these chain restaurants/coffee shops, etc. It comes off as a faux attempt at authenticity at this point.

Al Baako said...

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