Friday, April 3, 2009

Tropicana Sales Drop With Redesign?

According to AdAge, Tropicana sales plummeted 20% between Jan. 1 and Feb. 22 after they launched the botched redesign (left). Late February, Tropicana decided to revert back to their old packaging after large amounts of criticism from consumers and the design community.

We blogged and tweeted about the redesign and it sparked quite a bit of discussion. Some of the many responses we received centered around people being unable to find Tropicana juice since they scanned over it in the grocery store thinking it was a generic brand. While we can't necessarily claim cause and effect here, it makes sense. Hopefully for Tropicana this is a temporary, though costly, mistake and they won't lose any market share to competitors once people are able to find Tropicana again, but we'll see. Tropicana did open the door to competitors with this blunder after all...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know by know the arrogant ego-maniac who was responsible for the Tropicana fiasco...if not, here's a link.
Peter Arnell has been quite a story in himself.

Anonymous said...

Whenever you have a large company like Pepsi take over another company whose product is not the same as the large company's the higher ups in the large company will have all the answers in why the smaller company was not making a profit. While the big boys beat on their chests about what they are accomplishing the smaller company begins to crumble, lose it's foundation and break it's local ties and lose all the values and people connections the company had. Result: the big company sells off a company that is much smaller than what it bought. And of course , the CEOs of the big company are still in their big offices admiring the buffoons in the mirrors.