Friday, December 28, 2007

I Challenge You to a Duel

Last week, ABC aired a game show called Duel—a cross between Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-type trivia questions and poker-like wagering. I stumbled across it during the last few minutes of an episode and was hooked. The contestants—regular people like a used car salesman, a nurse and an alligator wrestler, of course—battled it out every night for a week, with someone walking away with over $1.7 million on the Sunday night finale.

Two of the game show’s questions were advertising-related, so I thought I’d post them here:

What product was advertised on the very first TV commercial ever broadcast?
A. Bulova watch
B. Ford Mustang
C. Campbell’s soup
D. Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra

The phrase “often a bridesmaid, never a bride” was made famous in ads for which product?
A. Listerine
B. Avon
C. Secret
D. L’eggs

Get the answers.


VBuberalles said...

My guess is C and B.

Christine said...

Ooh, I stumbled across that show too. It was pretty fun. I guess C and C.

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